Indie is a lifestyle, not a genre

Mattew Ellis

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Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted

#veryjazzed is a boutique music rights management group. Gradient since 2013. Our roster is special, our artists are special, we are special. We understand who we are serving and to what end. We are fixed on quality, people, and growth. We have our own language. We take small steps early and often. Our network is interdependent. We share knowledge and resources freely and without conditionals. We leverage the finite against our unending ability to create new and inspired works. We pride ourselves in recognizing strengths and bridging blindspots. We are inspired makers.

We have three sides. We are public facing: promoting works, tours, and success stories. We are artist facing: managing the needs, visions, and admin for our artists. We are industry facing: building an infrastructure and partnering with some of the most earnest and integral companies in the space. We are always connecting with new people in each of these domains. Our model is to find people of agency and build difficult things with them.

We believe producing great works is simple but detailed. The alignment of the creator, their story, the work, and the vehicle they choose to communicate it. If we can get organized with these elements, we feel we have found success: earnest recordings, clarity of persona, step-by-step narrative, stimulating visuals, malleable marketing, leverageable live performances, honest sm, high-value merch, and archiving the work of our lives in an organized manner. When a project gets on radar, we do our best to see it for what it is, what it could be, and help facilitate the delta between the two. We are super flexible, always reverting to first principles when deciding what is our next and best step is.

If you are a listener, a maker, or a builder and you resonate with what we are working to achieve, we should know about each other. We would love to hear what you are excited about and how we might be a valuable resource. Reach out to us.

what are you excited about?

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