Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted

#veryjazzed is a boutique music rights management group. Gradient since 2013. Our roster is special, our artists are special, we are special. We understand who we are serving and to what end. We are fixed on quality, people, and growth. We have our own language. We take small steps early and often. Our network is interdependent. We share knowledge and resources freely and without conditionals. We leverage the finite against our unending ability to create new and inspired works. We pride ourselves in recognizing strengths and bridging blindspots. We are inspired makers.

We have three sides. We are public facing: promoting works, tours, and success stories. We are artist facing: managing the needs, visions, and admin for our artists. We are industry facing: building an infrastructure and partnering with some of the most earnest and integral companies in the space. We are always connecting with new people in each of these domains. Our model is to find people of agency and build difficult things with them. 

We believe producing great works is simple but detailed. The alignment of the creator, their story, the work, and the vehicle they choose to communicate it. If we can get organized with these elements, we feel we have found success: earnest recordings, clarity of persona, step-by-step narrative, stimulating visuals, malleable marketing, leverageable live performances, honest sm, high-value merch, and archiving the work of our lives in an organized manner. When a project gets on radar, we do our best to see it for what it is, what it could be, and help facilitate the delta between the two. We are super flexible, always reverting to first principles when deciding what is our next and best step is.

If you are a listener, a maker, or a builder and you resonate with what we are working to achieve, we should know about each other. We would love to hear what you are excited about and how we might be a valuable resource. Reach out to us. 


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gradient since 2013

Catalog #: Release Date:Artist:Title:Single / EP / LP / Remix
VJ0018.2013Children of PopFiesta / DriftLP
VJ0022014B.E. GodfreeWild DesperationEP
VJ0042.19.2016Deep CutsGulf Coast Companion
06.24.2016TBDJosiah GabrielBIG FACEEP – Digital
TOURJunechildren of popSummer tourEast coast – Select West coast
VJ00605.06.2016Children of PopWhat Does 69 Mean?LP
VJ00806.03.2016Josiah GabrielEP$EP
VJ009PastelBone-Weary EPEP
VJ01211.04.2016Deep CutsTake Me BackEP
VJ01312.16.2016Love n LerroneVybe RightSingle
VJ01402.10.2017Love n LerroneU Don’t CareSingle
VJ0153.03Love n LerroneBaBaeSingle
VJ016Nov 11thLove n Lerrone/children of pop/anitraTake Me Back RemixesRemix
VJ017June 16thJerkSocotra / WarSingle – Digital
VJ019Oct 13thVVELLSIsland of MeEP – Lathe 10”
VJ020Sept 29thVVELLSIsland of MeSingle – Digital
VJ021 –Aug 4thGet A LifeWhat you deserve / 2 plus 2 equals 57”
VJ022October 6thFlossed in ParadiseHate EPEP
VJ023October 20thDeep CutsEndlessly RefreshingSingle
VJ025Aug 18thVVELLSGreen LightsSingle – Digital
VJ026June 16thchildren of popPoids / Etude en CoursSingle – 7” Square
VJ02808.25.2017Pastelabsent, just dustEP
VJ029Jan 12, 2018Narrow HeadBulmaSingle
VJ0332.23Guess GenesLilly Vinesingle
VJ0354.21Guess GenesGuess GenesTape – Full length
VJ0363.9Tee LerroneI Digresssingle
VJ03704.13.2018Guess GenesBones on the BeachSingle
VJ0388.10.2018CaicosPromis LandsEP
VJ03904.30.2018Two MetersLeft BehindSingle
VJ04005.25.2018Two MetersCaptive AudienceSingle
VJ04106.15.2018Two MetersTwo MetersEP
VJ042OctoberGet A Lifeget a jobsingle
VJ04406.08.2018Standard LegalMercuryEP
VJ04507.06.2018Aubrey HaddardBlue PartLP
VJ04708.03.2018Tee VeeDreamingSingle
VJ04909.07.2018BjORDANBad Boy Sad BoySingle
VJ05009.07.2018IEVA30 NightsSingle
VJ05102.08.2019Get A LifeOur Band Could BeLP
VJ05205.31.2019CaicosDream MachineEP
VJ05504.05.2019CaicosWashed UpSingle
VJ05604.26.2019CaicosLong Term GuestsSingle
VJ05701.16.2019Get A Life2050Single
VJ05803.08.2019Standard LegalUntil the Streets Run Dry RemixSingle
VJ05905.17.2019Two MetersThe Blue Jay EPEP
VJ06004.19.2019Two MetersGroundSingle
VJ06105.10.2019Tee LerroneI Turn Nothing intoSingle
VJ062LIMBMen Of Gold ChainAlbum
VJ0635.24.2019Mantra LoveAnother OneSingle
VJ063Mantra LoveXOSingle
VJ064Mantra LoveU Called?EP
VJ066October 20thLIMBMen of Gold ChainMini Album – Lathe? USB?
VJ06605.27.2019LIMBBlack Cowboy, (Shuffle Repeat Enjoy)Remix/Shuffle
VJ06707.19.2019Mantra LoveIdcSingle
VJ06807.26.2019Mantra LoveTrying To RelaxSingle
VJ06911.30.2019LIMBthrow it all on me (Shuffle Repeat Enjoy)Remix/Shuffle
POSTPONEDchildren of popPre PleaserEP
VJ07209.05.2019PastelMoon LandingSingle
VJ07309.07.2019Two MetersThe Nightmare // Bike RideSingle
VJ07409.26.2019Juan CorreaProvidenciaAlbum
VJ07811.30.2019LIMBArms Dealer, (Shuffle Repeat Enjoy)Remix/Shuffle
VJ07911.30.2019LIMBspend time with me. (Shuffle Repeat Enjoy)Remix/Shuffle
VJ0801.24.2020Mantra LoveBen DoverSingle
VJ081Mantra LoveSly DogSingle
VJ0825.1.2020Get a LifeMono Again IAlbum (bandcamp) / Single (DSP)
VJ0836.5.2020Daddy’s BeemerDenmarkAlbum
VJ0846.5.2020Why Dogs WhyQuicksandSingle
VJ085TBDWhy Dogs WhySingle
VJ086TBDWhy Dogs WhyFreakSingle
VJ087TBDWhy Dogs WhyDress Well EnoughAlbum
VJ0882.14.2020Daddy’s BeemerDancerSingle
VJ0892.28.2020Daddy’s BeemerBoxesSingle
VJ0903.13.2020Daddy’s BeemerBest Not to Ask You WhySingle
VJ0916.10.2020Daddy’s BeemerAmethystSingle
VJ092Yalc123Yalc Nitsua MailliwAlbum
VJ093Yalc123Been Done GoneSingle
VJ094Marley MoonAll My FriendsSingle
VJ09512.02.2020ODAEPace Like I Do / Fridge ClosingSingle
VJ097DEMO Comp. Vol. 1CompilationAlbum
VJ098CatamaranUse Yourself / Always RunSingle
VJ099CatamaranDo Or Die / Pink HairSingle
VJ100CatamaranNot Much / DifficultSingle
VJ101CatamaranDon’t Even / The HunterSingle
VJ102Science Fiction ReviewLike A ChurchSingle
VJ103Science Fiction ReviewIn These TimesEP
VJ105CaicosWake UpSingle
VJ106CaicosTiny ParachutesSingle
VJ107CaicosPast PerfectEP
VJ108Caicos“Tiny Parachutes (JMMY Remix)Single
VJ110WestmorelandTake MeSingle
VJ1129.something.2020Get a LifeMono Again IISingle
VJ113WestmorelandMake it RightSingle
VJ114WestmorelandHigh RoadSingle
VJ116WestmorelandWith LouSingle
VJ11812.31.2020Get a LifeMono Again IIISingle
VJ1191.15.2020St. YumaMomentary LightSingle
VJ1205.1.2020St. YumaLights Out, Lonely BirdsAlbum
VJ1212.15.2020St. YumaJupiterSingle
VJ1223.15.2020St. YumaCurses (MV)Music Video
VJ123G. BrennerBrushfireSingle
VJ124G. BrennerDee DeeSingle
VJ1256.30.21G. BrennerMudslideSingle
VJ1304.02.2021Why Dogs WhyDress Well EnoughEP
VJ1262.12.2021Why Dogs WhyTOCSingle
VJ1273.12.2021Why Dogs WhyDress Well EnoughSingle
VJ1284.02.2021Why Dogs WhyTying KnotsSingle
VJ131Daddy’s BeemerKnifeSingle
VJ1325.07.2021Felt OutSuperfluid B-SidesEP
VJ129Science Fiction ReviewJimboSingle
VJ134Mantra LoveBlind SpotSingle
VJ1353.04.2022Kevin FargeLow TideAlbum
VJ1364.22.2022Kevin FargeHalcyon DaysAlbum
VJ1373.28.2022Van ChamberlainIn The SunAlbum
VJ1381.31.2022Van ChamberlainA.G.T.single
VJ1392.28.2022Van ChamberlainHeavy Cloudsingle
VJ1402.17.2023WAVE Comp. Vol. IIIvarias artistalbum
VJ1414.15.2022Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives feat RakoRaw
VJ1425.13.2022Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives feat RakoApes
VJ1436.3.2022Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives feat RakoStone Town
VJ1446.27.2022Franklin GothicMr. Hangmansingle
VJ1457.18.2022Franklin GothicSlow Down Bang Bangsingle
VJ1468.8.2022Franklin GothicSparksingle
VJ1478.19.2022Franklin GothicInto the Lightalbum
VJ1488.10.2022Codee RanchCodee Ranch Theme (Grandpa Codee’s Ghost)Single
VJ1492.22.23Evening SomethingComes up coldsingle
VJ1503.24.2023Varial HeelAce of Trealbum
VJ1533.08.2023SFRAmputated Mansingle

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